The Worship Service

The service is generally acknowledged as a "blended" service.  This means you will find elements from both earlier day worship services and today's contemporary services. We will sing the traditional hymns that most people know, along with the newer songs that are being released almost daily by today's Christian artists.
When it comes time for a service to start, we will usually begin with instrumental and/or vocal music. At different times, we will sing together, other times, we will listen to our choir sing. Additionally, we may stand or sit during different parts of the service. Bible verses and song lyrics are displayed on the video screens for you. After the song service portion, we will take an offering*, followed by special music by our choir. We will have a message, and at the end of the message, an invitation will be extended for anyone in the room who wants to make a spiritual decision or to pray. You may see people go toward the front of the room to have a brief conversation with a minister or to pray about concerns they may have.

Want to actually see what it's like? CLICK HERE to watch videos of past services.

Other Elements of a worship service may also include things like observing a baptism, or participating in the Lord’s Supper. If things we do in our worship services don't make sense right away, please feel free to ask questions about what you do not understand. That's what we're here for!

We also offer Extended Care  for ages 3-Kindergarten.
They remain in the Preschool Area until after Worship service. No need to pick them up after Sunday Morning Bible Study!

These financial gifts are an expression of our worship and obedience to God. These funds go to pay for equipment and expenses of the church. These monies also help us accomplish the goal of meeting the spiritual and physical needs of others locally and internationally, as a means of honoring God. As our guest, you are welcome to make a contribution, but are not expected nor obligated to do so.