May, 2021 sermon series

Spring is here and what a wonderful time to RE-connect, to RE-start, to RE-engage with all the wonderful things that have been missing during this last year of challenge. Join us Sunday as we begin a new series focusing on building relationships that make life worth living.

Ask yourself a few beautiful questions? Where does God fit into my daily schedule? How important is my connection with Jesus? What am I doing to build my family stronger? How am I ministering and serving my friends? What have I done lately for someone who does not know God? How do I meet and treat people who are different from me?

Jesus said, “I have come that they might have life, and have it abundantly!” God’s plan involves more than just existing or surviving. God made us to thrive. Thriving involves priorities and circles of relationships that make life worth living, now and forever.

When I was a young child, I had a set of tinker toys. It was made of wood. Each color had a different link. I could play with it for hours connecting the pieces to make something fun and full of imagination. From circles, to sticks, to ovals, each piece would connect to the others and hold together.

God puts a lot of different pieces into our lives – people, gifts, blessings, and challenges. What are we doing to connect the pieces? God also puts a very special piece of His plan into our lives – the CROSS! Are you allowing the CROSS to connect you to God and family and friends and others? Let’s Connect in May!

Looking for those Cross Connections,
Pastor Ken