fall sermon series

Great Stories from the Bible

God works in amazing ways to show man Who He is and What He desires of His creation. This Fall will focus on Great Stories From the Bible

and the message God is revealing through each of them. Join us each week as the sermon unfolds the most wonderful stories of History.

From Adam and Eve to Jesus’ encounter with Zacchaeus, the messages will look at the real historical people, places, and events that form the foundation of man and his relationship with God. Each week will focus on one story and share lessons that impact our lives today.

Think about these questions:

Have you ever wondered about creation and what God was doing in making a man and woman?

Do you understand the five emotions of defeat?

How come the Bible stories have parallels in other cultures?

Do you think Nimrod and Gilgamesh might have been the same person?

Where did Giants come from and are they real?

How did a man survive sleeping all night in a den of hungry lions?

Who was the wisest person to ever live?

Does God really love everyone and want to be involved in their lives?

Bring your Bible in print or on your smart device. Join us as we look at these Outstanding Real-Life Images from God’s Word.

Excited about what’s coming,
Pastor Ken