FBC deacon ministry

First Baptist Church has over 50 deacons who are committed to serving the body. The Deacon Ministry involves prayer, encouragement, service, and ministry to the family at First. Each deacon is called by the church and ordained to this servant ministry. They pray for the members, serve in many areas of the fellowship, visit those in need, minister to the widows in the church, and follow up on guests who come to worship each Sunday.

In Acts 6, the early church chose out men who were of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and of wisdom. Their initial task was to be servants of the body so that the apostles could devote themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word. They were pastor supporters, prayer warriors, peace makers, and servants to the people.

Deacon Officers:

Max Sanderford, Chairman; Kenny Weldon, Vice-Chairman; Trey Felon, Vice-Chairman;

Ken Styron, Treasurer; Don Keith, Secretary

CLICK HERE for the full listing of Deacons.

Upcoming events

On September 17th, a special called business meeting will be held following Sunday Morning Worship. It will be the opportunity for all members to submit the names of five candidates for deacon ministry. Please be in prayer concerning the men you will nominate.

Qualifications of Deacons (1 Timothy 3:8-13)

01. Found Blameless (v. 10)

02. Husband of One Wife (v.12)

03. Sober {Deacon's wives-same Greek word} (v. 10)

04. Grave (v.8)

05. Not Given too Much Wine (v. 8)

06. Not double tongued (v. 8)

07. Holding the Mystery of the Faith in a Pure Conscience

       {Faith with Ethics} (v.9)

08. Let him First Be Proved {Not a Novice} (v. 10)

09. Ruling Their Children and Their Own Houses (v. 12)

10. Wives to Be Grave {Same Greek word as "dignified" for deacons in v.8}


11. Wives Not Slanderers {Gossipers} (v.11)

12. Wives to be Sober Minded (v.11)

13. Boldness in the Faith (v.13)